From Snowy Adventures to Cozy Nights on the Lapland

Wake up and fall asleep to serene views of Swedish Lapland. Our accommodations provide you with everything you need to enjoy a peaceful getaway and reconnect with nature. Whether you plan a romantic getaway or a quaint family vacation, we have a warm and cozy cabin for your stay.

Aurora Cabins in Kiruna

All our cabins are heated and well-insulated for a comfortable Lapland experience. You won’t find TVs because the view outside is straight from a Planet Earth documentary.

Browse our newly renovated cabins to find the one that suits your needs—each one has a unique personality!

Cabin #1: Arctic Fox

This quaint cabin can host 2 people and is ideal for couples. Inside, you have a 3-piece washroom, shower and kitchenette. A wooden staircase leads to a loft where you will find the beds, which can be pushed together if needed.

Cabin #2: Wolverine

This more spacious cabin is ideal for travelling friends and hosts 2 guests but can accommodate 4 guests upon request. It includes a 3-piece washroom, a fully stocked kitchen, a refrigerator, and a dining table facing a beautiful view.

Cabin #3: Reindeer

This 1-storey cabin sleeps 2 and is ideal for travellers who prefer to avoid climbing up to sleep in overhead lofts. It has a 3-piece washroom, kitchenette, couch for lounging, and bunk beds in a bedroom.

Travelling to the Camp

Aurora River Camp is located 12 km from the centre of Kiruna. Although there is public transport to the camp, you can book a transfer with us.

We offer two standard transfers per day between 10:00 and 17:00 for 350 SEK per person each way. Our scheduled transfers to and from central Kiruna are:

10:00 – Aurora River Camp to Kiruna City Centre

16:00 – Kiruna City Centre to Aurora River Camp

Transferring to and from the Airport

We can pick you up or drop you off from the airport between 10:00 and 17:00. Please let us know if you would like to be transferred from the airport and send us your flight number in advance. On our way back to the Camp, you will stop by the local supermarket so that you can buy everything you need for your stay.

Please note: Check-in is at 15:00 and check-out is at 11:00. All transfers must be pre-booked. Once we receive your transfer details, we will contact you and we will schedule it.